Thursday, July 16 2020

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When the Interstellarians met Humans they both vowed to live in peace together and so instead of weapons of intergalactic destruction, both beings carried a Smart Doll as the Intergalactic Peace Symbol (IPS). But once in a while, a Smart Doll would run off to the kitchen for some reason or another rummaging around the cupboards for spoon shaped objects.

If either being is spotted without their Smart Doll, a risk of intergalactic war would manifest and thus instead of carrying a Smart Doll, both Interstellarians and Humans decided they needed a new IPS - something they could wear on their wrist and not worry about it running off to the kitchen - the "Keep Calm & Carry A Smart Doll Intergalactic Peace Bracelet." Made from the stardust of comets and forged in the mines of Gotandoloria - the Peace Bracelet will soon be available on the Smart Doll Online store.

Wear 3 of them to show that you are a true supporter of peace and have the full sentence viewable on one side - although 2 would be good enough too ;-)
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