Monday, July 13 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

The Air Blower is a tool that we use in production to remove dust from the surface of parts before packing and also to blow away dust just before sealing a bag.
The air blower is something that I strongly recommend that you keep around you regardless of whether you just keep your girls at home or take them out n about.

It's useful for removing dust from the face just before taking photos and also handy for when removing dust from the hair.
Patting your Smart Doll on the head is something that you should do regularly anyway or they may feel unwanted and come after you with a spoon to pry your eyes out.
Patting them on the head will remove some of the dust but the air blower removes more of the dust. If you have Smart Doll's on display then make sure you don't let a cake of dust form on them or they will emit a high pitched scream in the 65000 Hz range - while you may not hear it, your pets will feel very uncomfortable.
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