Friday, July 10 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

The masks for Gemini and Monday are in! But not quite ready. As usual lines are short and blunt but luckily we can fix them in-house. The freckles for Monday look horrendous but we can fix the count (way too many) and size. We do this by soldering the holes and opening a new hole with precision tools.

Two of the heads in the photos have been electroplated which is why they have a greenish copper residue on them - they sacrificed themselves for their siblings. The remaining two are test shots to check the outline of the stencil - by the eye of the vendor they look fine but from our eyes they look off spec.

Fixing the masks can take a few weeks to a few months and there is a risk that some of the masks will break during the tweaking (which we have done many times in the past) - but I would rather take that risk than release half baked products to make a quick buck ;-) Thus they will be released when ready - no sooner.

Anyway! Monday or Gemini - which do you want first?!
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