Tuesday, July 21 2020

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Whenever you read guides on visiting Iceland and what to wear, you will more often than not see recommendations to bring waterproof gear. I thought to myself why this should be the case unless it's raining all the time but discovered why after visiting Iceland in June 2019.
I did indeed get a load of Patagonia waterproof gear and glad that I did - there are waterfalls everywhere! You don't even have to purposely visit one as you will eventually drive or walk by them.

But while I was geared up in a waterproof hard shell - my girls were not and got soaked. I started to work with @maruko_halu on a design that would look great with shorts and this is the result. First revealed back in December 2019, its taken 7 months of developing the workflow involved in what seems like a simple design.

The waterproofing fabric is slippery which made cutting challenging - the reason is because we need to stack the fabric so that we can cut multiple layers at the same time (depending on the item we need to make hundreds or thousands) - but the slippery surface of the fabric meant that it would start to skew while it was being cut. We eventually overcame this by putting thin paper between each layer.

Another issue was sourcing the small clip buckles which are challenging to get hold of. Given these reasons (actually more!) and the amount of time needed to produce this product, I'm not sure if we will do another run of the same design - it may come back in a different material or design but then again we may focus our resources on other products. If you want this product then get it now. Made in Iwakuni Japan.

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