Monday, July 20 2020

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As you can see from some of these photos, Gemini is very happy to see you. The reason is that he is now production ready and this is the final version. Do note that we have added just a wee bit of styling wax to his wig for these photos.

One of these photos shows the Smart Doll guy molds - we only have one master set. Traditionally the guys don't sell as well as the girls - even most of our female customers prefer to buy girls too. For the girls we have multiple sets of what is known as "production molds" (mashigata [増し型]) - these are molds that have been created from a cast of a master mold. This enables us to cast many bodies in a shorter amount of time but we do eventually reach a production capacity. The master mold is called Motogata [元型]. The production molds will shrink slightly because they are created from a master cast. If you are going to do your own production in plastics one day, you must grasp the concept of shrinkage rates and create your 3D data sized up accordingly.

Many of you are signed up for the email alerts for Gemini but we know that only a certain percentage of signups actually buy ;-)
All components for Gemini are complete and we just need to make more bodies. I do want to get a small initial batch out first so if you get the alert and find that he's sold out then just signup again and we will make more.
We plan to do Gemini in Interstellar Blue too but am still working on a better color matching frame.

No ETA as we wait for Gemini’s turn in the casting facilities.

Just like all Smart Doll products, Gemini is imperfect. His upper torso wobbles more than the girls, his shoulders are hard to put in, some folks don't like the shape of his knees, the back of his neck curves inwards and some think that his you-know-what is too small. I'm talking about his feet of course. I recommend asking other Smart Doll guy owners what they think before you buy as we want you to make the right decision for your needs - even if that means you end up purchasing other brands.
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