Sunday, July 19 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Tokyo has raised the virus alert to the highest level but I feel its more symbolic as there are no lockdown mandates in place. A large portion of newly infected are folks who visit establishments at night - especially of the hanky panky type.
Daily life continues through the new normal - mask wearing is practiced by the majority of folks and there are anti-spit clear sheets hanging in most shops.

Mirai Store remains closed and will probably be closed for the rest of the year. It's difficult to see how travel bans will be lifted seeing that Japan is getting another spike.

Besides, we still need the extra space in Mirai Store for shipping as we continue to be busy as usual shipping by DHL/FedEx 5 days a week.

These photos taken in my local neighborhood this weekend when out n about shopping for groceries.

Stay Safe. #tokyo #japan #covid #coronavirus

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