Sunday, July 19 2020

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The No Sheeps dog tag - available now. This is to remind others that you just don't give a sheep and if something or somebody wants one they will have to try harder. Much harder. This design is also available as a T-shirt but I wanted folks to be able to express that they don't give a sheep when wearing other apparel items too.

You only get one tag on a cord - if you want to wear more than one tag on the cord then you will need to buy another one but we recommend that you get one of the others instead of having two of the same. The opposite side of the tag is the CJ logo.

The metal ring is soft so you can usually twist it open with the tips of your fingers but if you can't manage then a pair of pliers will do the trick.
The surface has been given a worn blemished look with scratches. The strap is left purposely long where you can tie a knot where you want depending on the apparel item you are wearing - then roll the excess cord and tuck it behind inside the top your Smart Doll is wearing.

If you do buy two dog tags to wear on the same cord then you can use the remaining cord to wrap around the wrist. Have a look at the photo to see how you should do this. Instead of winding the cord around the wrist, do a criss cross back and forth around the wrist which will give you a more random look and feel.

The cord is also long enough for humans to wear too. Made by Sakamoto-san in Kagurazaka Tokyo.
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