Wednesday, June 24 2020

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The anime style won over semi-real in the battle of the planets (the one who gets released first) and we have a name for her - Singularity - as in the singularity inside a black hole.
Her product detail page is now up in the "coming soon" section of the Smart Doll online store - if you are interested in getting hold of Interstellar Blue Edition limited run then sign up for the email alerts - please read the email alert blurb before using the function. Option parts will be released at the same time. The first blue guy will be Gemini.

As you can see the joint color is not an exact match but we are working on getting it closer. This involves color matching chips for injection molding. The chips however may be a good color match but as the joints have a matte finish, light disperses off the small bumps and makes the color look lighter. So when making pellets, we need to aim for the color to be slightly darker but this process can take 6 months - if lucky then it will be 3 months before we have a production ready frame. In the meantime we work on other stuff like wigs and eyes and face masks.

Singularity eye and wig color/design not final. Faceup is final. Do you prefer the blue or yellow eyes? Oh and if you are wondering - the color actually came from Scott Shop Towels and was given as a color sample to mix the vinyl.
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