Monday, June 22 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

The slush cast mold for Monday is ready! The first step was to check the surface of the cast to make sure that it didn't have too many blemishes - if it did then we would have to patch the inside of the mold and give it another round of sandblasting because patching leaves a shiny surface. Sandblasting is the process that gives a vinyl cast its matte finish. Some blemishes that look like bumps or dents may be left as it is as we see it as a signature from mother nature.

The surface turned out fine so now we are on step two where we manually copy the 3D printed master faceup over to the vinyl cast. While this is going on we cast more heads (can be 25 - 50 if lucky) which will be used in the electroplating process to make the masks. The copied cast has to be electroplated quickly after as the head will start to shrink ever so slightly - this is not visible to the naked eye but the masks won’t fit freshly casted heads due to the shrinkage.
Then while the masks are being electroplated, we cast the head in Cocoa and Tea and work on prototypes developed specifically for that skin tone.
We will however try Monday in Cocoa and Tea too.

I'm incredibly excited to have a character that can finally dig for golden nutritious nuggets. No need to go to buy snacks when you can make yer own eh?
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