Sunday, June 14 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

I love the wabi-sabi-ness aesthetic of the Post Apocalyptic genre but never thought that I would live through such an era in my lifetime - and then 2020 arrived. Much of the Smart Doll apparel line is influenced by the genre and you will be seeing more post apocalyptic designs this year.

The Last of Us Part II is out in 4 days. I also love Naughty Dog's Uncharted series - the attention to detail is incredible and I look forward to pew pewing with Ellie next week - she's so cute!

I prefer downloading games instead of the physical disc/cart as swapping discs and organizing storage for them is something I would prefer to avoid. Do you prefer digital or physical disc/cart?

I remember when I tried to get my PSP games onto my Vita when I only had the UMD version - the hoop jumping experience made me want to stick to digital downloads where possible.
Speaking of Playstation, I'm not sure what the friend limit is but if its more than 2000 then feel free to add me -PSN is dannychoodotcom

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