Thursday, June 11 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

#TeamSmartDoll is excited to reveal the first prototype of Interstella Blue 01. That's the project name we have for her at the moment because we are prototyping a few more anime and semi-real heads before deciding who gets to go first. But I'm really liking 01 and thinking that we should just proceed to electroplating the paint masks.

It's been interesting working with this skin tone as paint colors look completely different when applied to the surface. We are still experimenting with various paints and pastels so you should see more variation in the following prototypes. I certainly think we need some intergalactic tribal face paint designs.
Wigs colors are challenging - they may look great in anime but need to have matching palette on the face paint to work properly.

The actual vinyl has a translucent feel to it just like our other skin tones. We only get 2KG of vinyl per color sample so we have to be frugal and usually cast the bare minimum which is the head, busts and hands to get a gauge of what she will look like as a Smart Doll. I approved the color so now we are working on the Interstellar Blue frame color chips. We should have a full body to show you by the end of this month.
We will have more faces designs for you to see over the coming weeks.
We can obviously take the current Smart Doll character line up, tweak the color palette and Interstellify them but we cant do all - which ones you think should get the intestellification treatment? And yes let's do guys too.
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