Thursday, June 11 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

We have been prototyping fantasy colors since I showed you the gray skin tone back in June 2018 but It's now finally happening.
The first fantasy color for Smart Doll will be Interstellar Blue. The casts from our factory are back and we now proceed to make samples of the frame in the same color. It looks like laundry softener! At the same time we are developing exclusive faceups for this skin tone and perhaps I will have something to show you early next week. Both anime and semi-real lineups are going to be made.
In order to give folks a variety of fantasy color skin tones, expect these to be a limited run of pre-orders which will include all option parts. Interstellar Blue should be out later this year.
Whats next? Intergalactic Green? Final Frontier Pink? Parsec Purple?
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