Wednesday, June 10 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Deal With It glasses for Smart Doll - made from Beta Titanium in Sabae Japan and due out end of July. This product is created to be visual reminder to haters. If a hater leaves a skid mark on my posts, I promise to return the favor - if you can't deal with it then don't deal.

Want a PR company to speak on my behalf? Deal with it. Don't like the pricing structure in Smart Doll Land? Deal with it. Want every single product that we ever made to be in stock forever priced your way? Deal with it. Disappointed that we put employees before customers? Tough sheep and just deal with it (like a sheep). Want to get rid of your Smart Doll's because I used my platform to express my concern about racism? Deal with it.
But be careful if you are thinking of throwing your Smart Doll's away with the daily garbage - they remember where you live.

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