Sunday, June 7 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

After posting this Chitose version of the "How to Slap Somebody Through The Internet" meme yesterday, many of you wanted this to be on a Smart Doll and Human sized T-shirt.

The 3000px x 3000px high res image can now be downloaded from the Smart Doll online store > main menu > Secret Stuff > Free Stuff.
This time I thought I'd give you the high res image to do what you want - you can print it on a Smart Doll or human sized tee and even sell it - maybe the extra cash will help in trying times. Other ideas are novelty goods like keychains which you can also sell. No need to pay us any license fees. Also feel free to modify the image.
Or maybe just print on a poster for the toilet.
Look forward to see what you come up with - post photos of your project on the detail page ;-) No photos needed of anybody using the toilet though. Especially not after a night of spicy food.

But remember we are in no way encouraging folks to slap others through the Internet - its not nice. But if they do manage to do so then they have an obligation to share how they did it - after all this is an era of social distancing.

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