Saturday, June 6 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

I was confused as to why speaking out on racism was considered being racist but then I noticed that brands like Barbie, Lucasfilm, Airbnb, Marques Brownlee etc who are also using their platform to speak out have also been getting the same flak from people asking them to "stay out of politics" - apparently we should keep quiet and leave issues in the hands of others to solve - oh wait - apparently there is no issue.... You see, money is not the name of the game in Smart Doll Land - if it was then I would only make stuff that the consumer wants, let them hurl abuse at my employees (and work them to death) and keep quiet about issues that I care about. Instead, I choose to make stuff that I like (regardless of whether anybody wants it or not) and express my interpretation of issues that I care about (racism) though my product design and platform.
But this is the way it's always been with Smart Doll but what I'm discovering is that some people have been wanting to distance themselves and not have anything to do with what's going on - they feel they cant do this if the products they own are made by a brand that speaks out on issues that they don't care about and thus cry out "I'm done with your products!" where my response is as the Beauty and the Beast song goes - Be (clap) My (clap) Guest (clap). Sorry I had to steal that after I saw @prowess_gigi using it.

I will continue to use Smart Doll for what it was intended - to enable me to express my ideas and speak out on issues that matter to me. For followers and customers who feel that I should keep quiet, "hire a PR company" to do my talking and just get on with making stuff they want - my condolences - this new T-shirt design (out next month) is dedicated to you.

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