Saturday, May 30 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Setting expectations is the name of the game in Smart Doll Land. One of the reasons is as a consumer myself, many times I've ended up with something that I would not have bought if I had known more about the product. For example, a Yukgaejang (Spicy Beef Soup with veggies) - spice level can vary from being great to...not so edible. I usually cheat and swap the dish with wifey who loves spicy food ;-) Seriously, setting expectations is important especially because our products are a hefty investment.
Many folks return a Smart Doll to us because I didn't make enough effort to inform them that one needs to remove the head and arms (and in some cases the bust) in order for most of our apparel items to be worn.
Folks have mentioned they have an issue with this because their previous ball jointed doll didn't require dismemberment. Some other folks said that they were afraid that our dolls would feel pain during dismemberment (no srsly).
Smart Dolls evolved in a way so that they do not feel pain when their heads or arms are removed. I promise.
However this brings me to the next topic. While Smart Dolls do not feel pain from decapitation or dismemberment, they dislike being shaken (or stirred). Folks send in videos of them shaking their Smart Doll to demonstrate how wobbly the spine is. Smart Dolls are not designed to be shaken nor stirred and we don't advertise them as being shakable either. A Smart Doll will usually give a blood curdling scream when shaken which cannot be unheard. If they don't scream then its worse because they will come after the owner past midnight. If you have shaken a Smart Doll by accident then you need to put duct tape on all kitchen drawers that contain knifes - spoons too because if they cant get hold of a knife they will instead use a spoon to pry the mince pies (eyes) of their owner for breakfast.

Unless your Smart Doll starts to slowly lean to one side ON THEIR OWN without one hand holding a mug of coffee (in which case you should contact us), then you should expect the stiffness of each and every Smart Doll to be different as they are currently still made by human hands.
I hope this sets expectations for unsuspecting consumers ;-)

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