Monday, May 25 2020

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Moment is available now but as we are currently slammed with orders, we may need 5 - 15 days to ship your order depending on how ninja quick you were to check out.
We are getting more orders than ever with just over 80% of our customers now being from America. Many celebrities and politicians are buying Smart Dolls too! Wish I could say who but I'd probably get in toraburu.

It seems like folks have been panic buying milk! Milk stocks are nearly depleted but as promised, option parts will still be around for a while so we are making more - but it may take a while as our casting facilities are maxed out.

Some milk girls went out of stock too which wasn't anticipated - we are making more but other skin tone girls yet to be released get priority. Not all milk girls can be cinnamonized straight away - much testing with the color palette needs to be done. Some cinnamon girls can use the milk palette just like that but some cant as they look like a fried onion.

Prophecy is an exciting milestone for us and the paint masks are nearly ready so she will be the next release if all goes as keikaku (keikaku means plan). I will have more info this week on production plans as demand has now surpassed our production capacity - we need to do something about the situation quick as key functions are not scaling in a parallel manner and some productivity is going down. If you are familiar with the economics term Law Of Diminishing Returns then you will be familiar with what we are going through.
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