Saturday, May 23 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Just to let you know that you can now view my Instagram updates on the top page of the Smart Doll online store. Many folks who don't have an Instagram account will find this feature useful. Also, not all of my posts will show up on your feed due to the Instagram algorithm so this will be a good way to stay on top of the news and drama ;-)
Each entry will open up a modal where you can click or swipe though carousel posts. If you click/tap on "view more" you will go through to a paginated page to see more posts. The Instagram API does not allow access to comments so to comment you will have to tap through to Instagram.

The home page of the online store will also have a redesign just like the rest of the site due to roll out sometime next week. Speaking of Instagram, for those of you unaware, you can post your Instagram photos to the product detail pages on the Smart Doll online store - it will help potential buyers see how products function in a consumer environment and hopefully will generate more followers for your account.
I will also be doing a render of the selfie collage soon so if you want to get in then go ahead and submit one ;-) How do you browse the Smart Doll online store? Mainly by mobile or on your computer or both?

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