Friday, May 22 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

If you dabble with 3D printers you will have already experienced failed 3D prints which can happen due to a variety of reasons including support structure length and density, nearby air currents, pets and poltergeists.
But! You don't have to throw them away anymore - turn them into post apocalyptic objects with WAVE's "Sabitennenn" (さびてんねん) - just apply the liquid and then the rust component and wait a few days - your prints will then start to rust. They look better with the support structures attached. You can actually apply Sabitennen on your plastic models, gunpla etc too. Are there similar products in your neck of the woods and if so what are they called?

Oh - a lot of folks think Monday is even creepier than the Tridents - so I thought I would enhance the creepy look and feel by having her hold failed 3D prints of her own head ;-) The real Monday head is now in a bath that has an electric current run though it - copper deposits stick to the surface and slowly form the slush cast mold ;-)
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