Friday, May 22 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Say hello to Starlight in cinnamon! Sales of her & Felicity in milk are on hold as we are over capacity. We are on a 4 day work week to reduce the amount of time our team has to spend on trains due to Covid. The 20% reduction in wo/man power has had a huge impact on our production capacity. Will release the remaining stock when our team can get round to it. Unfortunately we don't do rush jobs which involves longer working hours and a reduction in quality - things will be ready when they are ready ;-) We plan to have milk option parts around as long as we continue to make milk tone anime licensed characters - Ichinose Shiki & C.C. will be released by end of year - both are delayed due to the virus affecting our partners Sunrise & Bandai Namco. Many of the other girls in Code Geass & Idol Master released beyond 2020 will also be in milk.
However there is another reason why we have had to reduce the amount of regular skin tones. The slush casting industry in Japan which has always been in decline is now only down to a handful of factories. One of the factories we work with has decided to pack it in during the pandemic which basically means that the amount of vinyl we can get per month is greatly diminished.

The Interstellar blue skin is prototyping now. The pre-covid plan was always to have it available in limited batches and I think we can use the same workflow for milk too. If we can control the availability windows then maybe we can manage to supply milk option parts for an extended period? The caveats obviously being that it wont be constantly available.

While most other vinyl companies offer just 2 weeks of manufacturer defect coverage - we offer accidental coverage up to a year. No need to use the standard "it broke out of the box!" technique because even if you break it we replace it - the only question we ask is "how?" so we know what to improve on the next version. So if you got milk shell then we will make sure to have replacement parts for at least a year after purchase. But many of you are special and already know that we can pull strings for special people. Remember - we do not talk about Fight Club in Smart Doll Land ;-) #smartdoll

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