Sunday, May 17 2020

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What day of the week do you dislike the most?
I ask folks this question from time to time and more often than not, the reply is usually "Monday." When asked the reason why, most would say "because I have to go back to work / school."
Typical answer yet interesting. If one dislikes Monday because of work or school then why do they continue to go back every Monday?
Folks who answer "Monday" are probably in the wrong job or studying the wrong thing and should look for something that enables them to enjoy Mondays - and every other day for that matter. Those who genuinely enjoy work or school probably wont give "Work or School" as the reasons why they dislike Monday.

Starting the week off by disliking going back to work or school will only make you dislike Monday's more. The negative energy that you yourself generate will only help bury you deeper into the rut that you are in.

Monday is a reminder to look forward to each and every day we have left and if Monday is a true cause for being down in the dumps then see it as a sign to do something about it. Start doing the milk rounds (looking for a new job) or looking to study something that truly interests you. Nobody is going to knock on your door out of the blue to drag you out of the rut - no matter how long you wait.

As for me - I think you can tell that I love Monday;-) Oh by the way, it looks like some of you thought that the teaser that I posted the other day was going to be a release this weekend. “Tomorrow” is actually the name of an up n coming Smart Doll.
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