Wednesday, May 13 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Shipping update! Everything that we ship from Japan has been going out by DHL since April 6th and as of May 13th we are now also shipping by FedEx. DHL alone won't be able to cope with the volume we are shipping. The user experience should be no different with packages arriving door to door to the US (for most orders) either next day or within two days. For the rest of the world the speed is still awesome for both carriers.

You cant specify which courier to use - we choose for you. If this is not acceptable please do not order anything during the pandemic. EMS have no flights going out of Japan. After the Apocalyptic Corona Era has ended, we do plan to re-implement EMS but still do not know when because we have now optimized our workflow for courier services and the Japan postal backend is so archaic that it takes soooo much more time to get packages ready for shipping.

As you can see from the photos - it still continues to be very busy in Smart Doll Land especially with our reduced working hours due to Covid. Good thing the Smart Doll's are helping out too. When the Smart Doll Plus girls help out they can carry 3 times more than the standard Smart Dolls.
Interestingly enough, UPS Japan contacted me today - it looks like they want a piece of the pie. What is your experience with UPS?

Also out of interest, how do you see the Corona situation ending? I've got my thoughts but will gather them after I've read yours.
スマートドールランドでは注文数が多くてDHLだけでは対応できなくなったのでFedExも参戦。#tokyo #smartdoll #anime #manga #doll #bjd #fashion #3dprinting #fashiondoll #dollphoto #dollphotography #dollphotographer #dollfashion #bjdphotography #japan #notweet

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