Tuesday, June 2 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

I would like to apologize to folks who I offended last night by posting these photos. I was told that I was making excuses for and encouraging racism, that I am only a doll maker that is not qualified to speak on the subject and that I should not use my products to highlight such issues.
Together with the 9 pack photo, I mentioned that regardless of what a Smart Doll looks like on the outside, the spine on the inside is the same color which is orange - same orange as the arm of the robot Chappie from the movie of the same name. Chappie was bullied and hunted down for being different - for being smart. I felt that Chappie was an awesome movie showing how justice will always be served for minorities.

I was reminded that such messages were encouraging racism which was not my intention. My apologies.

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