Wednesday, July 10 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Introducing the new Smart Doll skin tone that we call CINNAMON. In the first photo the colors are (from the left) TEA, CINNAMON, MILK, COCOA.
The new skin tone is like hot milk with a teaspoon of cinnamon powder giving it a warm glow - I really really like it!

It’s difficult to capture the difference in photos - you really have to see it for yourself. In one of these photos I put a milk cap on the cinnamon head but even then it’s difficult to see the difference. But with the naked eye the difference is very obvious - if you put a milk head on a cinnamon body for example it will look noticeable.

The reason why cinnamon is the color that it is - is because Sunrise wanted it to be this color for Suzaku Kururugi so that he looked darker in complexion when standing next to Lelouch. Spike from Cowboy Bebop will also be in cinnamon.

Managing inventory of 3 colors is already a handful and not sure if I want to make all our Culture Japan girls and boys in cinnamon but will first do a pre-release batch of Mirai Anniversary in Cinnamon very soon.

Do you prefer milk or cinnamon? Do you have any requests as to which of our CJ girls or boys you want to see in the new skin tone?

スマートドールの新肌色「シナモン」。最初の写真では左からTEA、CINNAMON、MILK、COCOA。MILKに赤みが加われ、とっても健康に見える。#smartdoll #notweet #anime #manga #bjd #figurines #fashiondoll #doll #japan #madeinjapan

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