Wednesday, July 10 2019

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Happy Birthday Suzaku! Here is a Smart Doll of yourself!

Suzaku Kururugi is one of the main characters of the worldwide hit anime series Code Geass and now for the first time ever as a 60cm tall fashion doll.

Suzaku comes with a telescopic stand, Ashford Academy boys uniform (jacket & trousers), a pair of shoes and leggings with neck sleeve as a color staining prevention measure - and just like all our products, both Suzaku and his apparel is made in Tokyo.

All Smart Doll guys including Suzaku now come with smaller feet. We kept his shoe size the same as Lelouch but added more insole thickness. The previous guys feet were huge limiting options in footwear. Smart Doll guys can now wear boots that the Smart Doll girls wear as their feet size are similar.

As you know, Suzaku has a darker skin tone compared to Lelouch so we developed a new skin tone that we call “Cinnamon” - Suzaku is the first Smart Doll to use this color and he looks great! Where possible please come into Mirai Store Tokyo to have a look at him in person!

We plan to start taking orders for Suzaku at the end of August. Please check his detail page on the Smart Doll site regularly for updates and signup for the email alert if you have not done so. ©SUNRISE/PROJECT L-GEASS Character Design ©2006-2017 CLAMP・ST©S/PLG CD©C・S


国内外の人気アニメタイトル「コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ」よりルルーシュ最大の友人であり敵でもある枢木スザクがファッションドール「スマートドール」になって登場。

スザクには、スマートドール男子ボディースリムタイプ x 1、ウィッグ x 1、伸縮スタンド、アッシュフォード学園 男子制服のジャケットとズボン、色移り対策用のレギンスとネックスリーブと靴が付属。スザクはルルーシュと並べたとき、スキンカラーの違いがわかるように新肌色「シナモン」を開発した。シナモンを初採用となるスザクはとっても健康的な肌色に!


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