Monday, July 8 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Kizuna Alternate - the I’m-gonna-re-arrange-your-face version. If you like her then I will setup a detail page for her and activate the “email me when available” function.

So, notice that Kizuna is holding a pew pew. The reason is because I wanted to ask your opinion on guns and cigarettes. As you know we are ramping up our license business to bring you more licensed Smart Dolls at a pace of a couple a month (or more). For example Spike from Cowboy Bebop smokes and shoots bad people - do I release him empty handed or with a cigarette or gun or both or none? Bandai, Kotobukiya etc have released figures of him with both.

He looks odd without any of these accessories but am hesitant to promote pew pew-ing or smoking through Smart Doll.

But what can I say - many popular characters like Metal Gear Solid Snake and Spike from Cowboy Bebop etc smoke and I kinda like these guys.

First lemme know about Kizuna Alternate. Second lemme know about Spike’s accessories and third lemme know what you would do if you was in charge of choosing licensed characters and what you would do about their weapons and why. #smartdoll #notweet #anime #manga #bjd #figurines #fashiondoll #doll #japan

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