Sunday, July 7 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Available now - introducing the Turbo Joint - not a type of weed that will make you high but a joint that fits onto existing stand plugs which will give your Smart Doll a much more dynamic posing experience.

The current stands have a plug at the end which fit into the Support Socket at the back of the Smart Doll but the plugs are molded at a certain angle. The Turbo Joint will give you more freedom to pose your Smart Doll in a way that was previously restricted by the physical form of the stand plugs. You can use two of the joints together to give you even more freedom or join a load together to give your Smart Doll an extra Dr Octopus arm.

As you can see from a couple of photos on this page - you can even have your Smart Doll doing a flying pose too. Make sure the joint plug is a snug fit before using - if its not snug then read the post processing section below.

If you don’t pose your Smart Doll much and are happy with the current stand then you prob won’t need this.

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