Thursday, June 27 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

The Push Up bust mold is ready and in production now - it will be released with a few other goodies early next month. Flip through the photos to see a comparison with S and Medium Smooth. As you can see, its smaller than the default S but has been squished together and upwards - probably look great with @squishdellia ’s amazing wear.

The photo with the two Journey Tea’s has push up on the right and medium smooth on left.

Which of all the busts are your fave? Speaking of which - the Medium bust with rosebuds is back for a bit and the painted one next week. Remember if you want painted busts then you need to do a search for “painted”. Will take better photos and cocoa too when the weather clears up a bit - its the rainy season in Japan where it rains nearly-ish much every day for a month or so - ugh! Do you get rainy seasons where you are?


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