Monday, July 15 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

I didn’t give examples when I previously mentioned that I was looking for a concept artist - have a look at these images which were worked on by Skan and Pinax for us a while ago. Back then I didn’t have a sustainable business but now that I do we can afford to invest in a concept artist to work for us full time in Tokyo. Are you or do you know of anybody who will be interested in working for us full time - or if not then on a regular basis remotely?

The style does not have to match the examples but the candidate has to be able to come up with futuristic/fantasy/post apocalyptic designs for costumes/accessories that will become products. You will also work with Hollywood titles to come up with designs that fuse with their IP and ours.

We are working on stories for the Smart Doll world so also need a concept artist who can also ideally do world work too - if not then I’m willing to hire somebody who can do world concepts too like cyberpunk/future/fantasy.

Folks who are interested (or know somebody who is) should DM me with a link to their online profile where I can see examples of their work. We can talk terms and money after that ;-) #smartdoll #anime #manga

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