Saturday, July 13 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

I’ve been trying to work out how to implement student discounts but I get told that’s not fair on non students who say they are just as strapped. I then wanted to add a parent discount but still got told the same (from non parents). Should we have student discounts or not? Should we include parent discounts too? But how about folks who have hefty medical bills? Is it fair that some folks get a discount and others don’t?
I personally have wanted to do student and parent discounts as parents have extra mouths to feed while students have a hard time paying back their loans.

Or do we do what Apple do now and instead of give discounts give an iTunes card - where we would give a gift certificate off the next purchase?

All good questions that I would like to hear your input on - give advise as if you was working for us at Smart Doll Land as a strategist.

And then there is the question of how to enforce the discount system to make sure it’s not abused? Do we trust that folks are students and let them checkout? or upload ID? How about folks with children? I’m not really interested in looking at children birth certificate or medical bills. You tell me how this should be handled or scrap doing discounts.

I have not made any decision at all and would ike to hear your pro’s n cons for having discounts.

We are not really strapped for cash and discounts is not a way to try to get more sales - its a way to give back to the community. But if you think there are other ways to give back then thats cool too.

Be good.

On a side note - the school uniform patterns - photos taken and will try to do this long weekend - its a pub holiday in Japan on Monday. #smartdoll #anime #manga #doll #bjd #fashion #3dprinting #nofb

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