Monday, June 10 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

More is less - before we used to have huge booths which would take half a day to setup. Now we usually just have a banner at the back and tables at the front which takes about an hour or so to setup. The larger the booth you have, the more stuff you need to fill it up. We have found that bigger booths don’t contribute to sales at all - it’s the content that matters.
If you are starting up and need to get new eyeballs on your product - remember your content and the way it’s displayed is more important than the size of your booth.
In design terms, search for Horror Vacui - a fear or dislike of empty spaces. Empty space and margins contribute much more to your product image than just filling up blank spaces with more products. Also do a search on paradox of choice where research has shown that more choice leads to less sales. #dokomi #smartdoll #fashiondoll #bjd #anime #manga

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