Friday, May 24 2019

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Photos taken today at the Cabinet Office.
As some of you may know, I’ve been serving as an advisor for the Japanese government - specifically METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry ) and the Prime Ministers Cabinet. We discuss various topics and propose measures that should be put in place to better promote Japanese culture to the world.
For the past few years I’ve been proposing lowering the hurdle for non university graduates to live and work in Japan - some of this has now been implemented (search Specified Skills Visa Japan). Just because somebody is not a university grad it does not mean they are not clever enough to work in Japan - not everybody gets to go uni due to costs etc. Most of the smartest people I know have not been to uni for whatever reasons.

Next I propose that Japan work with more countries on the working holiday visa. At the moment folks who live in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Republic of Korea, France, Germany, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Iceland, Czech and Lithuania are eligible to apply for a working holiday visa in Japan - do a search for Working Holiday Visa Japan to see the conditions.

When the Smart Doll site gets a revamp in the next few months I will have the jobs page up for folks who are interested - it’s important for us to have a balance of Japanese locals and foreigners working for us in Tokyo.

America has a huge amount of Japan related events which reflects the amount of fans who love Japan - this is a topic that I brought up today. But for the working holiday visa system to be put in place, America needs to see the benefit of offering Japanese citizens the same program.
What country do you live in and does living and working in Japan interest you?

Anyway, my government tasks take priority and this month has been a busy cabinet month with more meetings next week. This is has lead to a delay in Cortex amongst other things but Mika is still due to start shipping next Friday.
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