Monday, April 1 2019

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I’m not keen on LASIK so have decided to wear glasses until the end of my days. However, traveling with three pairs of glasses is a pain - reading, sunglasses and my everyday wear.
I decided to do something about this first world problem so started the Mirai Wear project - a single outer frame with a detachable inner frame. The inner frame is made of titanium and houses the lens. I will carry around 2 inner frames which will be my reading glasses and sun glasses. The inner frame that will be attached to the outer frame for most of the time will be the everyday wear lenses which I would use for driving for example. The inner frame will be made in Japan - but what about the outer frame?

So far this project sounds bog standard but I want to do something which empowers anybody who wears glasses. The outer frame is made by you - if you just buy the inner frame, you will be able to print your own outer frame with the free STL data that I will provide. You will be able to design your own glasses whenever you want in any color you want without having to buy new glasses anymore.

Once you have the inner frame, all you need to do is to take it along to your local opticians and get them to attach the lens that they will make for you.

The side of the default outer frame has a space for you to put your own logo if you want - we will be using it for licensed products.

I am working with industrial designer Miyata Noriaki who has previously worked on projects with Porsche and Ferrari.

Availability notifications are now activated for this exciting new project.
Do you wear glasses? Have you had LASIK? You had any problems or so far so good?

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