Monday, April 1 2019

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Read on to find out about our new wigs - Plamohair and why we developed it.

One of my jobs is to identify and remove as many production bottlenecks as possible. Shortly after releasing Smart Doll in June 2014, I said to myself that Vinyl production was going to be a major bottleneck in the future which would jeopardise the future of our business. In order to survive on vinyl alone, we would have to only do limited licensed dolls and keep buyers waiting months on end after they have pre-ordered while we try to keep up with production.

Come 2019 and we see that the volume of Smart Doll has increased exponentially - we have not been able to keep up with demand due to our capacity to cast vinyl which amounts to only 1000 dolls per month.
But timing has never been better - the injection molded version of Smart Doll called Cortex is here. With Cortex we can now cast hundreds of thousands of dolls per month.

And then it dawned on me - we can only make 5000 wigs per month. 1000 are sold with the dolls and about 4000 sold separately.

To alleviate the bottleneck, I created Plamohair - an injection molded wig. Folks who model Frame Arms Girl will be used to this type of mold and so will folks who enjoy figures.
I also hear that many folks who like figures dislike the look and feel of doll wigs - Plamohair should hopefully create a substantial market of modelers.

This is the reason why Cortex has been delayed but now Plamohair is ready, Cortex is now entirely injection molded from head to toe.

Plamohair has however been designed to be compatible with vinyl heads too.

What do you say about Plamohair - yay or nay? We still need to try a version with more detail though.



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