Monday, April 1 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

The real reason why we recently discontinued a large amount of bust types is because we wanted to make way for the new lineup. Recent studies shows that the top two things that people would like to cuddle up too are dogs and boobs.
I thought I would merge the concept of “furry friend” with boobs to bring you the ultimate version of “mans best friend.” With Furry Boobs you can now cuddle up even in places that don’t allow dogs like public transport and restaurants.
Sizes will be available in “Ewok Grade” (little hair) to “Wookie Grade” (lots of hair). Email notifications have been activated for this product out soon.

最近スマートドール のおっぱい種類を断捨離した本当の理由は、新商品「ふわふわおっぱい」が発売するからだった。研究によりますと、最もなでなでしたいもののトップ2は犬とおっぱい。そこでふわふわ触感を持つ犬の毛を再現し、おっぱいに生やしました。

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