Saturday, March 23 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Photo of Eiji sacrificing himself as a model for some boxer short prototype. It’s all about sacrifice.

I’m going to be straight with you - our Smart Doll guys just don’t do as well as our girls. Even our female customer base mostly prefers girls.
But here is the interesting thing - licensed guys do better than licensed girls. But I do think we are fortunate enough to be able to run a sustainable business without having to rely solely on licensed products.

The current demand for Smart Doll exceeds our production capacity but I’m not willing to make my staff work overtime to meet the demand.
While this situation continues (its something I’m trying to solve on a daily basis through new hires and streamlining workflows/introducing technology) I’ve had to make a sacrifice regarding our guys who will only be available in batches every 3 months or so. The current batch went online a while ago (I made sure to send availability email first) and the next batch of Eiji and Crimson is due to be available late June.

However, I just had a meeting at Sunrise and the next two Smart Doll guy prototypes have been approved. Their release however will affect availability of Eiji and Crimson - we also plan to re-release Lelouch.
Another sacrifice I had to make is that there is no more apparel sets for the guys - folks will have to seek what little apparel there is for the guys separately - there is a new “Guys Stuff” link under the “Popular Stuff” menu.
Apparel sets for girls are easier to manage as we sell thousands but the guys sell only hundreds and our commerce platform that we use does not manage multiple location inventory properly.

So to summarize - at least two new licensed guys, Lelouch re-release by Winter and a cocoa guy when he is ready.
Oh and I’ve changed the “Get Me Outta Here” link when you check out ;-)

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