Friday, March 22 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Introducing the new line of weathered school uniforms in the Smart Doll “Post Apocalyptic High School” series.
I liked the school uniforms that we made up until now but they didn’t fit into our weathered Wabi-Sabi design philosophy - they were too clean and screamed “don’t get me dirty!” The solution was to design school uniforms in a weathered look. In a post apocalyptic scenario, school girls are issued with a uniform that protects the wearer by absorbing radiation and thus slowly becomes Wabi-Sabi. The uniform goes great with our weathered boots and satchel bag. The design retains its school girl appeal without screaming bright anime colors and looks great as casual wear too.
In production now across our many factories across Japan.
スマートドールの世紀末高校制服シリーズ始動。この制服は放射能を吸収し、着用している高校生を守ってくれる設定。放射能を吸収するにつれ、生地のボロボロ感が増します。現在うちの日本国内工場で量産中。#smartdoll #notweet

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