Wednesday, March 20 2019

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The Cabinet meetings that I regularly attend are usually held at one of the government buildings but this time it was held in a more lively venue called 3×3 Lab Future.
Today’s meeting was spent with Minister Hirai Takuya who is in charge of policies for IT, Science, technology and innovation, Space strategy, Intellectual property and the Cool Japan project which I have been working on with the Japanese government for the past ten years.

As you know, one of my missions has been to lower the hurdle for foreigners to live and work in Japan without the need to have a university degree. Going to uni is not cheap and not everybody gets to do so for many reasons. Having a degree as a work qualification to work in Japan does not in my mind work for Japan’s benefit. Just because folks don’t go uni it does not mean they are not worthy - this is something I always make very clear. There has been another way to get a working visa in Japan and that’s if one has ten years of experience in a particular field. Ten… years…

Thats was up until now but from next month there is a new type of visa - the New Specified Skills Visa (特定技能). You don’t need a university degree but you need to pass a test in one of 14 fields of work that include construction, restaurant, agriculture, hospitality and electrical manufacturing. You also need to pass JLPT N4 which is to be honest easy - maybe make it as a goal for yourself? If you read my “discovering Japan” post then you will already know some hints to speedup Japanese learning.

However this visa was introduced because of the severe shortage of manpower in Japan. Japan’s population is in rapid decline and the birthrate lowest since 1899. There is a lot to digest but for now if you interested just do a google on “New Specified Skills Visa Japan” - I will give you bite size info as soon as I know more.
How many of you have a goal of living and working in Japan? If so why?
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