Friday, March 15 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

We has a new feature! It’s cunningly entitled “Notify Me When Available” or NOtify ME When AvailBle” - NOMEWAB for short. Ok Joke but the feature is legit and handy for when you need to know as soon as something is available.

If you are an existing Smart Doll customer, use the email that you always use when ordering stuff from us. You need to verify your email the first time you sign up for a notification. Check your email and click on the link or we cant send you availability emails. Make sure to check your spam folder for any mails from us.

When something is available/comes back in stock, I first check to make sure seats are upright and tables folded before turning the key on the “Notify” slot. Emails then go in a queue but it can take a while before the server sends them out. There is a possibility that the product gets sold out before you get the mail due to other humans getting the mail before you. We have no control over the speed of the server until quantum computers are readily available for businesses to use.

There may be some instances where a product was due to be “back soon-ish” but then one of the factories decided they wouldn’t make the fabric anymore - in this case the product will go into “no plans to restock” mode.

If you are signing up for a product that is not out yet, it may take many moons before its actual release.

If you have signed up for Mirai Carry on the previous form no need to do so again. Mirai Carry does take ages to make and next batch should be due June - July.

I will open the detail pages for Prowess and Valiant soon where you can register for availability notifications but their back story may not be ready until later. #smartdoll #notweet

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