Friday, March 15 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Paint masks never translate 100% from the original master - remember its getting paint from a faceup to transfer to a copper plate and then painstakingly etching out the transferred plate to create the eye shadows etc using not only cutters but soldering irons and reinforced string too - while at the same time making sure the face mask does not distort in shape or its back to square one.

While developing the masks for Journey, I realized that her mouth didn’t translate as I would have liked and the result was what I posted yesterday.
Many of you seemed to like it but I’m not sure. We cant get it looking exactly like the original painted master as it was done using brushes and took a couple of days - this is not a scalable production method as we need to make thousands of each.
This is the very reason why we never take pre-orders based on masters - we only take orders when we have photos of the final product.

Journey’s open mouth is unique but the hard lines around it look slightly odd to me - but that was what the original design was and this is the closest we can get with current technology. For this reason I made a version of her with a closed mouth smile and a touch of gloss. Paint masks for both versions are ready.

Which do you prefer? Open mouth or closed? lol that sounded odd ;-)
If you was the boss what would you do? #smartdoll #notweet

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