Saturday, March 2 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

First time staying at a Capsule hotel - although I went for a slightly larger “capsule.” First Cabin is a brand of capsule hotels with an Airline theme. The capsules are very clean. No smelly stuff so far. You can’t lock the “doors” though which is just a corrugated sheet and there is a big gap at the top - so a word of warning to you guys out there - no funny business - unless you are good at funny business like a silent ninja. Take earplugs with you though in case you have a not so silent ninja next to you.

The reason doors to each capsule don't have locks is because these capsules are treated like a bunch of beds in one room meaning it's easier for the owner to get permits. If each bed had lockable doors then there are a bunch of safety regulations to overcome such as enough space to escape a fire, lighting etc.
Heating is centrally controlled and it’s on the warm side in winter so make sure you got a bottle of water.
This hotel does have a ladies floor though but apparently most capsule hotels in Japan are male only. My room costs about 5000 yen and standard capsules are 2800 yen. There is a traditional Japanese public bath on the basement - all in all a bargain. How many of you have stayed in a Capsule hotel before? If not would you mind sleeping with a door you can't lock? #smartdoll #notweet

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