Monday, February 25 2019

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Smart Dolls need to get out n about from time to time for a breath of fresh air - keep them indoors for too long and they will start screaming at night with the occasional 360 degree head turn - not a good sign.
Mirai Carry for #smartdoll - the catchline is “why buy a bag when I can get another smart doll?” or “You can get a similar one at IKEA for 10 USD” - I kinda like the IKEA one.

I could reduce the quality of material and cut a few corners here and there to knock the cost down but that wouldn’t be doing anybody any favors - and certainly wouldn’t turn out to be a product that I would personally use. This corner cutting culture would eventually affect the whole Smart Doll product line and before we know it - sayonara Smart Doll.

I could make our stuff for 3 times cheaper on the mainland but I prefer to keep production in Japan where I can keep a tighter control on the quality. Besides Mirai Carry was originally made for my personal use and I want to keep my stuff made here - forgive me.

Anyway, so I’ve had more than the usual amount of hate regarding the price saying that all I care is about money. Seriously - if I wanted money I would stay at Amazon earning waaaay much more than I do now - and I get the bonus of not having to be in contact with such people. Imagine a life of sipping Dr Pepper on the beach without having to wake up each morning with production crap to deal with - each day I walk into the office its like “hey danny the few thousand blah components that arrived have quality issues” - and that lasts up until I leave the office and still lingers with me through my sleep.

But then I look at our Smart Doll cuties and remember - it’s all worth it - their cuteness *is* worth dying for and literally I plan to make them until the day I die.

Aaaaaanyway, If you are interested then first take a look at the alternatives and if you don’t find anything that fits your needs and think that you need a Mirai Carry then go to the product detail page and find the link to the “email me when back in stock” form - we can only make a limited amount every month due to capacity. Folks are free to leave names of alternatives in da comments. Meow. #notweet

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