Wednesday, February 20 2019

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First things first - our Cocoa Guy is still work in progress and will evolve based on your feedback. This head is 3D printed which is why the color is slightly off and texture looks hard.
Now that I’ve got that out of the way, I feel that he is on the right track but something needs to be tweaked - you tell me what. If you feeling up to it then photoshop these images and DM or mail me.

It’s been a challenge as there is hardly any cocoa skin tone anime characters or figures that can be used as a sculpt reference - what you see in 2D does not always work in 3D. I want to keep him anime style inline with our design philosophy and will leave realism to the other doll makers - this is the reason he has anime nostrils (none) just like Eiji and Crimson. Having no nostrils also means he can’t gain the habit that some kids have of picking their nose and nibbling on the gooey bits. Go on admit it - you tried when you was a kid right? Hope you didn’t keep the habit. Although I do see adults on the train here snacking on their bogey from time to time.
Would you like to keep him as he is or change him and if so change what? Do you prefer him with or without the wig? Shorter perhaps? I only had Prowess wig at hand and the short afro looked odd.
We are still prototyping the mechanism with the parting line just behind the neck but we just won’t know until the molds are done. His head will get slight bumps and some asymmetry just before the molding process.

We can’t incorporate everybody’s feedback or he will start to look like Jabba Da Hutt - so we will aim to make him so that at at least some of you are happy lol. Feedback like “I don’t like him” or “he looks great!” is not helpful so reasons will help shape the way he turns out.
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