Monday, February 18 2019

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Sorry for radio silence - I’ve dropped as much as I can to attend to Cortex. Now we have the Tea and Cocoa Shell in da haus.
Lots of stuff to prepare and all of a sudden I feel like I did back in 2014 June when we launched Smart Doll. The office is splitting at the seams and Mirai Store is often filled with boxes. I’m running around trying to get more office space while negotiating with the floors above but I guess we will see how it goes. It’s day one again ;-) The kits will be released sooner than I thought as space is a luxury we simply do not have at the moment. The first release of Cortex is still planned to be Mirai Anniversary “Cortex Complete” where the head is cortex too.
The kits will be “Ninja Grade” and “Final Boss Grade” - “Ninja Grade” comes with an assembled Frame and you assemble the shell yourself. “Final Boss Grade”(FBG) is where you assemble the frame too. FBG will be the lowest price point for Cortex but its not going to be 5 USD yo.
The head is still the most expensive component. Apart from the casting mold, the head has face masks which are electroplated molds that cost quite a bit. Also, for each head we end up rejecting a few because they go beyond the level of wabi-sabi into the realm of bad worksmanship - if we sell you crap then karma (which is a thing) will come knocking on our door.

Folks who can make the frame and shell like a boss could potentially come to work for us! Quality is priority but a balance of speed is important too. I will be watching what you make with keen spidey eyes.

I will start to make instructions and introductory videos over the next few weeks and share the same guidelines that we use to build the products. The plan is to start releasing Cortex Complete end of March/early April with kits following soon after.
Cortex won’t be for everyone but for those of you who are interested - which version do you think you would go for. At the moment on Twitter the Japanese folks are all going for FBG.
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