Tuesday, February 12 2019

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Available now - this Medium Smooth Bust is slightly smaller than the Medium Bust and is the only bust to have a deep cleavage. Some say it’s deeper than Beggar’s Canyon but this rumor remains unconfirmed. See the comparison photo - Small on the left, medium on the right with this medium smooth in the middle.
This is the largest bust size I would personally use for my girls when out n about - it’s got enough volume and cleavage to go well with a variety of apparel especially the Nice Sweater - while at the same time not big enough to cause road accidents from passer by drivers.
Photos of the cleavage looks best when taken from the side. Do note that we used to call this Small Push Up for a while.
A quick note about boobies - we launched Smart Doll with 3 boobs in milk - now we got 33 in Milk, Tea and Cocoa - a whole ocean of mammaries.

I mentioned before that XL, XXL and XXXL are going to be discontinued and they are nearly out of stock. But I’m thinking of removing the Medium & Large (with headlights) from the line up.
This will leave Small, Medium Smooth, Large Smooth and NXL (New XL) which is not released yet. NXL will be the only painted one cos it will be the only one with headlights. XS was extremeeeely unpopular which is why we don’t do it anymore.

But what are your thoughts if you were working on my team managing inventory and costs? Remember we got three skin tones too. We don’t want to continue to stock 33 types of boobies and go bankrupt due to all the stock.

Regarding headlights, many ladies buy boobies with headlights and painted ones too - not just the guys lol. I know that many parents are choosing the painted versions for their kids too. Some mothers have told me that they dont hide their own nudity from their daughters and dont have an issue with headlights/painted versions.

Which is your fave size Smart Doll bust and do you want us to keep the painted versions around?
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