Friday, February 8 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Out n about with our lovely Prowess. So I got a problem. Gaia, Valiant and Prowess are all done and ready for production but I cant release all at once.
I plan on spreading the releases over the next few months but I do have 50 production samples of each in the office right now. We usually make small amounts of the product before making a ton to make sure the quality is consistent. If you was the boss what would you do? Release a few into the wild before official release? If so first come first serve? I am looking for managers all the time who can help run various aspects of the business so I will be looking forward to interesting answers. Before you answer though remember that anything you suggest will leave some folks unhappy - you can’t and should not aim to please all. A group of people sent me mail saying something like “(name of doll company) gives us a year to save up after taking pre-orders and you should do the same.”
I was like mmmmmmkaaaaay.

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