Wednesday, February 6 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Getting your Instagram photos onto the Smart Doll online store is now much easier and the approval process is much quicker. Just go to a product page, scroll down to the Customer Photos section and click/tap “Add your Photo!” then paste in the URL (link) of your Instagram photo for that product. From the Instagram app you can tap on the three dots and tap on “copy link.”
This obviously only works for photos where accounts are not set to private. Don’t submit a zillion photos of the same product - just choose your best 5 or so as I would like to give everybody a fair chance of exposure. Photos that crop well into a square and don’t have frames or strong filters applied have a better chance of being approved.
You can do this for all products - Smart Doll, apparel, accessories and especially wig/eye combinations. Not only will you get more exposure to your Instagram account, you will be helping potential customers make a purchase decision by showing them real photos by real customers and for this I will reward folks who actively participate by sending goodies.

Having other doll brands in your Instagram does not hinder the approval process at all - for example click on @studiomiscast photos on the Kizuna product detail page and you can see that she’s got a load of other dolls.
Other apparel brands and accessories are fine too as you can see from the already approved photos.
I would love to see photos of you and your Smart Doll too!
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