Saturday, February 2 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

More exploring of Kaga in Ishikawa Japan. Many have been asking about this T-shirt. It took us ages to get it too look like this and I love it. Unfortunately it stains quite bad. It’s done using a pigment dye and leaves powder on the body - most of it can be rubbed off but I’m not comfortable in releasing it until we do more experimenting.
Worst case I would release it with the “Cortex only” mark. Cortex will stain but in our tests, stains still rub off with thinner after three months of wearing stuff that stains.
From this photo you can see that apart from the hands and head/neck - everything else is covered with our apparel - you just would not know she was a Cortex. Your wallet however will know and thank you.

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