Saturday, February 2 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Out n about with Valiant in Kaga Onsen on the other side of Japan. When I’m out n about taking photos of my girls, folks will ask about the doll where I say “Oh, I made this” (あ、作ったの ^^;) before taking out a name card from the satchel bag that the girls always carry. The response is usually “Whaaaaaaaat?! No way!” and I’ve made another friend - and on many occasion many have bought a Smart Doll - I know this because they leave a note when ordering.
Some folks giggle but many times it’s due out of pure curiosity. When I see something cool that I’ve never seen before I giggle too and the feeling is one of “why didn’t I know about this earlier!”
What sort of reactions do you have when out n about with your dolls? Any interesting experiences?
Once in London I had a lady scream “oh my god that’s so creepy!” at the top of her voice. I mean screaming so loud that the whole street was looking at her. She came over to take a photo of me but I was already about to take a video of her at which point she turned around and continued screaming as she ran off. #smartdoll

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