Wednesday, January 30 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

There is a new section called “Customer Photos From Instagram” on the Product Detail Page - currently its only on Melody’s page cos we just rolled it out this evening. The section contains photos of the product found on Instagram.
I made this feature for a few reasons. One is so that potential customers can see the product for what it is - photos taken by real customers. When I look for something to buy I personally always check out the photos taken by real customers which is why the photos link to your Instagram account.

Another reason is that I want to repay the favor in driving traffic to your Instagram account for all the help you have been in sharing Smart Doll lurve.

Start sharing your photos with the #smartdollselfie #smartdollapparel and #smartdoll tags together with tags like #smartdollmelody and #smartdollmirai etc

Selfies are of you and your Smart Doll and not the ones they took of themselves.

Read through the images to learn how the function works and what photos get chosen to show up on the Smart Doll online store.

The section will start to show up across the site soon after you start tagging your photos.

Edit- it’s difficult to find your photos without the #smartdollnameofcharacter tags - you can tag your previous ones too and they show up.

Oh, square images work better with the layout.

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